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About Abdul`s Spice

Welcome to Abduls. We are an Indian/Bangladeshi based cuisine in the bed of West Wales. Abduls Tandoori Spice was first created in 1995, one of the oldest food establishments in West Wales. Here we cater to the need of every customer by blending our Bangladeshi born skills and spices with a western twist. Our unique blend of eastern Indian spices makes us the reason for our vast choice menu being able to cater to everyone’s needs. We are a no fuss, easy and understandable establishment who speak through the element of food taking you to the heart of Bangladesh from your seat in West Wales. 
Our Bangladeshi roots comes into prospective when we serve each dish as we cook with care and love. It is made sure that our customers can taste both.
We appreciate and respect that you have entrusted your palate with us. We will continue to refresh your taste buds with each carefully selected dish on our menu. 
Welcome to Abdul’s, where quality meets tradition!

Abdul Gofur-

Tandoori Chef

Abdul Mosabbir-

Head Chef

Ana Miah-

Side Chef

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